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buy yellow teaYellow tea is one of the six main classes of Chinese teas. It's production is similar to green teas, with an additional process called 'Wo Huang' - a deliberate prolonging of a green tea sitting stage to turn the leaves into a deeper yellow colour. Yellow tea has a different taste from both the green or white teas. It is relatively unknown to even experienced tea drinkers and sometimes confused with old green teas. Yellow tea brew has a yellow tone, fragrant, slightly sweet and refreshing taste - key characters to differentiate from un-fresh green teas.



Meng Ding Huangya

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Meng Ding Huangya, produced in Mt. Meng, Sichuan Province south-west of China, is one of the premium Chinese yellow teas.

Huoshan Huangya

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Huoshan Huangya is produced in HuoShan area of AnHui Province, China. A yellow tea with a fresh taste accompanied by an unusual green-yellow color of the brew.

Jun Shan Yin Zhen

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A prestigious Chinese yellow tea that was once only produced on Junshan Island (0.98 km2) of DongTing Lake.

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