Wholesale Chinese teas to health food stores and clinics

Valley Green Tea is a wholesale supplier of Chinese teas and tea accessories to health food stores and health clinics to support their business and practice.

We can either supply our existing brand (Valley Green Tea) and packaging to be retailed, or offer private labelling and packaging if required (minimum order volume will apply). 

Wholesale Tea to Health Food stores:

The range of teas we recommend to Health Food stores includes:

Slimming/weight control:

  • Lotus leaf slimming Tea – tea bags: A traditional Chinese slimming remedy made from lotus leaf, Oolong tea, Gynostemma and other herbs.
  • Pu-erh lotus mini Tuocha - loose tea: raw pu-erh blended with lotus leaves, a refreshing blend, both ingredients traditionally used for weight control.

Stress Soother - Jiaogulan (Gynostemma)

A Soother to relief stress and assist in sleep. Current stock in loose form, but can supply tea bags if minimum order quantity is met.

Other premium Chinese teas: 

Others Chinese teas, especially green teas, white teas, black teas and Pu-erh teas, have been recently proven by researches to have many health benefits and preventive to lifestyle related health conditions. We recommend the following from our extensive range as suitable for health stores:

Chinese teas - food of many health benefits

There is a big overlap between food and herbal medicine in Chinese culture. For example:

  1. Lotus seeds, flowers, leaves and roots have all been used as both food and medicine for a long time
  2. Jiaogulan (Gynostemma) has been used as a food subsidy during the times of famine. It has been recently proven by scientists to be a powerful adaptogen. 
  3. Teas have been consumed in China for more than 2000 years as a popular beverage. Recent researches have demonstrated that they are more than just a refreshing drink. They are rich in anti-oxidants with many health benefits if consumed on a regular base. 

Please contact us at Wholesale Chinese Tea Enquiry form with requirements.