Corporate Tea Gifts

Valley Green Tea regularly supplies corporate tea gifts and tea sets to corporate clients, often as Christmas tea gifts or to mark special occasions such as Chinese New Year or Chinese Moon Festival.

We usually tailor the make up of these corporate tea gifts to the requirements of the functions, taking into account the number of gifts and how universal they are (some like to mix and match teas and accessories or have a range of tea gift variations).

The more notice we can have the better, particularly with large volumes of over 30 tea gift sets.

Corporate tea gifts examples

We can offer some examples of tea gift sets we have arranged for corporate events below:

Example #1

Corporate tea gift

 Example #2

corporate tea gifts #2

 Example #3

Corporate Tea Gifts #3 

Example #4

corporate tea gifts #4

Packaging and presenting

We offer gift carry bags shown below to present these tea gifts in authentic yet elegant gift packs. Other arrangement could also be made upon requests, eg, gift cards or messages. 

Tea Gift carry bag

Please contact us at Wholesale Tea Enquiry form with your corporate tea gifts requirements.