Cafe tea wholesale

Valley Green Tea offers wholesale premium Chinese teas, tea accessories and support services to help to differentiate your cafe's tea offering, make serving tea easy and to ensure you attract and delight your tea customers.

The issue with serving premium loose teas at cafe's is that quality teas need to be stored at the right conditions and served correctly to derive the full value of a premium tea.

Our Chinese teas can add to the existing Tea range you currently sell. Alternatively,  we can supply non Chinese teas such as  Earl Grey and English Breakfast to be your "one stop" Tea Wholesaler.

We can recommend quality Chinese teas suitable for ease of storage and service in a cafe from our extensive range

Wholesale teas for 'Sit In' service at cafes

wholesale tea for Cafes

We recommend that the preferred way of serving loose tea at a café is at table in a teapot with infuser and offering repeat infusions.

We recommend the offering Chinese teas from the following list:

Contact us to receive a wholesale price list/quote via link: Wholesale Tea Enquiry Form

Wholesale tea accessories to support cafe 'Sit In' service

We recommend use of tea sets below to be most effective in serving loose leaf tea in a cafe setting in terms of ease of serving, re-infusion, cleaning and styling. Any of the other tea sets shown in the our online tea shop can also be supplied.

Wholesale tea accessories option #1

Wwholesale teae recommend this tea set for serving Chinese teas at cafes, one pot per table with up to 6 customers at the table per set.

Features include :

  • Double layer tea cups: the air pocket between the two layers insulates to keep the tea warm for longer periods and customers don't burn hands.
  • Built-in filter for easy brewing, serving and re-infusions.
  • 6 X cups/set
  • Comes in 3 designs, all traditional and authentic.
  • This tea set require conscious tea brewing time control. As the infuser sits in the tea pot, once the brewing time is reached, the tea brew needs to be served promptly or the strainer needs to be lifted out of the teapot to avoid 'tea soaking'.

Wholesale tea accessories option #2

tea wholesaleAs a standalone infuser for cafes. This is an infuser for efficiency and control. It has an internal valve controlled infuser to allow perfect control of tea brewing time. Once the tea is infused to the desired time, the button is used to release the valve to allow the tea to drain to the lower chamber for use at anytime while leaves are drained ready for the next infusion. 

This is an ideal device for both customer use in a 'sit in' setting, or staff use at the counter to brew a premium cup of loose leaf tea to be served in a take away cup. 

Cups for use as sit down service will need to be purchased separately.

Cafe takeaway tea

We recommend using  the teapot infuser shown above to brew loose leaf teas for your cafe takeaway customers.

This teapot contains an internal valve controlled strainer to allow perfect control of tea brewing time, multiple infusions if necessary and serving the tea from the teapot. A cup of premium loose tea could be prepared within 1-2 minutes to be served to a take away cup.

Selling Teas and Tea Accessories to Cafe Customers

The option to retail teas with accessories to customers who request this will enhance the reputation and profits of the cafe and the value of your cafe for these customers.

We can recommend packaging for teas and accessories to support this service upon enquiry. Please fill the following form for a wholesale price list/quote: Wholesale Tea Enquiry Form

Introductory Cafe Tea Wholesale Offer

We will offer a free teapot infuser all-in-one for any new cafes wanting to trial our teas as an addition to their tea line up to the end of Dec 2017 with any other wholesale teas or tea Accessory purchased.