White tea's health benefits

White teas have been known for their medicinal effects for a long time and used for treating various conditions in Chinese folk medicine.

For example, recent researches have found white tea to be preventive for various bacteria infections and to be anti-inflammatory. The Chinese however have known for a long time that white teas are preventive of and used to treat oral infections. Aged white teas have also been traditionally used for treating infections and fever associated with measles long before the antibiotic era, and is still believed to be an excellent alternative. 

Here is local folk wisdom regarding the Fuding aged white tea: the first year it is a tea, the third it is a medicine, by the fifth year it is a treasure. 

During the last a few decades, efforts have been made to study the health benefits of various teas including white tea in the combat with the modern lifestyle related conditions. White teas have been found to have the highest level of Flavonoids (many are anti-oxidants) and above average level of Amino acids. The health benefits documented include:

  • reducing cholesterol level, preventive of cardio-vascular diseases
  • reducing blood sugar level and anti-diabetic
  • anti-oxidant, preventive of cancers and many other degenerating conditions
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-mutagenic

The health benefits of white teas based on the Chinese herbal medicine and local traditional wisdom: 

  • detox
  • anti-inflammatory
  • vision enhancement
  • liver function preservation
  • preventive of heat stroke
  • speed up hangover recovery