White tea flavored?

Good quality white teas should have delicate, mellow and refreshing taste that can be thoroughly enjoyed without any artefact. There are many factors that can affect a tea's quality: low quality tea plants, sub-optimal growing conditions, inadequate harvesting and processing, inadequate packaging and storage etc. The poor/low quality products are often blended with additional flavors such as lemon, spices, flower or fruit to cover the unpleasant taste.

By doing so:

  1. White teas' flavours are gentle, delicate and mellow. They are easily overwhelmed by the added ingredients if not completely lost. 
  2. Most of the artefacts are way cheaper than the white teas. They are used by certain merchants to dilute the white tea value.  

Premium white teas are a jewel on the crown of premium Chinese teas. They are to be fully appreciated on they own if possible, in both their flavour in health benefits.