Special fat burning teas? ( ie Okuma's or Okinawa tea)?

All Oolong/Wulong tea (and Green tea) are similar in their health benefits. ( ie Both Green Tea and Oolong Tea are tea classes, each contains many teas. Green teas are unfermented and Oolong teas are semi-fermented.)

  • Variation between any teas within classes is mainly related to flavor.
  • I am not aware of any scientific study that associates health benefits or weight reducing effects with any particular types of green or Oolong tea.

For example, studies have been done to people from Okinawa Island due to their long life expectancy. Among the many factors studied (culture, environment, diet, activities….), was their food culture. Chinese food was the core of their diet which included sweet potato, seaweed, soy, fish, pork and many others including green tea. The Okinawa green tea consumed by the islanders is no diffrerent than green tea consumed on the Chinese mainland, and is not seen to play any more part in the health of the islanders then other diet factors.

If one could claim that the Okinawa green tea is the ultimate secret for the Okinawan people's slim bodies and long life span, we probably should also expand the claim to ‘Okinawan sweet potato’ and ‘Okinawan seaweed’.