Is Oolong (Wulong) tea better than green tea for weight loss?

I am unaware of any statistically significant data available to date in support of the claim that Oolong tea is more effective than green tea with regard to weight management. A few studies have been conducted so far with this interest. The numbers of the people studied were however very small and the difference in effect being minimum. It is dangerous to generalize results as such from bio-statistics point of view. (An extreme example would be, some smokers never develop lung cancer in their lives. If we pick up a hand full of no-cancer smokers to make a conclusion that smoking does not cause lung cancer, we are fooling ourselves. If we however had 5000 smokers to study, the evidence will be obvious. If we had 50,000, it would be even clearer. It is called sample size in statistics. It is one of the most fundamental elements when it come to interpret the research result.)