Are all teas equal in their weight loss effects?

Only a small number of the studies have compared the differences between various teas (green, Oolong/Wulong, Pu-erh tea) as to their anti-obesity effects.

The study results tend to divide the teas into two groups:

There is some indication that the fermented teas are more effective than green tea in reducing body fat.  The difference is however not very significant.

There are also Chinese empirical notions as follows:

  • green tea is effective at reducing blood sugar levels.  It is commonly used in areas where the diet is sweet and climate is humid.
  • Oolong or Pu-erh tea on the other hand are more effective at reducing body fat.  For example, Pu-erh is widely consumed in areas like Tibet, where the local diet contains high levels of protein rich meat (horse or lamb) and dairy products.

Sugar and fat are different forms of energy supply in human bodies.  They convert into each other depending on the body’s energy requirements.  The body fat is where the excess energy is stored, and the sugar is a ‘direct fuel’ when energy is required.  When the ‘fuel’ is running low, the ‘fat storage’ is mobilised to subsidise this.  When supply exceeds consumption, fat storage builds up.

Although all teas interact with the body's energy consumption and storage loop, the concentrations of various active compounds in different teas are slightly different.  There have been some recent studies into the different levels of weight reduction effect by various teas, the general agreement among the health professionals in this area however is that there is more overlap than differences.

We promote tea consumption as a functional food for good health in general, including weight management.  It is more important to experiment until you have chosen the teas that you enjoy so that you include them as part of your diet and lifestyle.  The many health benefits will then come naturally.

To enhance the weight control effects, there are also remedies/blends that mix certain herbs together as traditional Chinese medicine often does.  These herbs often have their individual weight reducing effects but target the goal from different aspects. 

For example, lotus leaf tea has been recorded in Chinese medicine as: "The lotus leaf, mixed with common tea leaves and made into tea, [is] a potent concoction for preventing heatstroke, lowering blood lipid levels and treating obesity."

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