Ge Kiln ceramic - one of the greatest

Ge Kiln Chinese tea set

China is known for its ceramic production and tea ware is an essential of Chinese tea culture.

Ge Kiln

Ge Kiln is another one of the five greatest ancient Chinese pottery styles which peaked during the Song Dynasty. It’s birthplace is believed to be in the area of Long-Quan City of the Zhe Jiang province (East of China). The original kiln site however has never confirmed like some others, therefore there is still debate by the historians around it’s origin, site and if it is style with its own right or extension or sub-style of a different kind.

Whichever way the Ge Kiln is understood and labelled, one thing is generally agreed on is that the Long-Quan Qing Ci (龙泉青瓷 translated into Long-Quan Green Ceramic), has pushed the Chinese fine ceramic to its historical peak during the South – Song Dynasty.

Long-Quan Qing Ci

Long-Quan Qing Ci (龙泉青瓷 - Dragon Spring Green Ceramic) has two sub-styles:

  1. One with the white or cinnabar colour inner clay body – also called Di ( 弟 younger brother) Kiln
  2. The orther with dark inner clay body and Kai-Pian (开片) glaze, which is a craft of having a cracked looking glaze under a perfectly smooth surface. This style is called Ge (哥 older brother) Kiln.

The modern Long-Quan Green Ceramic (龙泉青瓷) has developed many contemporary varieties, with various colour schemes, styles and even the Di and Ge Kilns characteristics combined.

The products are genuinely adored by fine ceramic lovers.

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