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buy Chinese tea setChina is the birth of porcelain (just like Chinese tea). The production has been dated back from Shang Dynasty (1600–1046 BC). The arts and skills of producing porcelain have been so delicately refined and perfected that ‘China’ became the synchrony for fine porcelain to the west.

Song Dynasty (960-1279 AC) was the peak of Chinese porcelain production. There were five distinctive styles as a result various factors, such as clay used, colour design, texture and making skills etc, known historically as the Five Pillar Kilns: Ru Kiln (汝窑), Guan Kiln (官窑), Jun Kiln(钧窑), Ge Kilin (哥窑) and Ding Kiln(定窑). The historic values of these products are still second to none to date.

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