Chinese Tea Wholesale

Valley Green Tea is Tea wholesaler keen to pursue and develop long term relationship with distributors and other outlets, and to selectively partner for mutual advantage. We wholesale teas and tea accessories to various businesses: retail shops, Cafes, Restaurants, tea rooms, Hotels and health/dietitian clinics.

We are passionate tea enthusiasts who source and supply high quality teas, specialising in premium loose leaf Chinese teas.

Valley Green Tea International

We are supported by Valley Green Tea International  where teas and accessories can be supplied from  a factory/warehouse managed by Mr Ma, situated in Fu-Jian Province (the tea producing area) of China. Mr Ma has over 30+ years tea sourcing and tea manufacturing experience and holds a bachelor degree in tea agriculture/processing from a China University.

  1. We are able to source teas of almost all varieties and grades & ship directly from our warehouse in China. We generally require a minimum order volume of 5kg for wholesale bulk orders.
  2. We are able to offer custom packaging services. Please contact us with your specific needs and requirements for further discussion and negotiation. 
  3. We are also able to manufacture tea bags of all sorts: conventional tea bags, pyramid tea bags, teabags of various weights and shapes, with content specified by the customers. 

Wholesale tea offer:

  1. Free samples (postage not covered)
  2. Value for money prices for premium quality products
  3. Consultations and support on: tea related culture, storage, preparation and health benefit information.
  4. In house tea preparation training. (Sydney metropolitan areas only, special arrangements can be made for areas out of Sydney if required.)

For more information, please review our wholesale policy:  Valley Green Tea Wholesale.

For further wholesale information or contact, or to initiate an order, please fill in the wholesale tea contact form below:

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