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Tian Jian

This is a premium grade Tian Jian Hei Cha produced in the Anhua area of the Hunan province. This Tian Jian was produced in 2015 using all first grade Anhua black Mao Cha. The dry leaves are tight and rich dark in color. Tea brew maturely mellow. Weight 1kg.
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Tian Jian is a Hei Cha variety, sitting on the high end of the Hei Cha family.

Tian Jian is traditionally produced in the An-Hua area of the Hunan province - the core Hei Cha production area. Tian Jian is considered to be the royalty of Hei Cha, graded as Tian Jian (天尖), Gong Jian (贡尖) and Sheng Jian (生尖) based on the tea leaves grades. Tian Jian is traditionally loose and classically packaged in baskets (also called Tian Jian basket tea).

Tian Jian is an aged tea. The more it is aged, the better the quality. In comparison to other aged teas however, Tian Jian can age relatively more quickly - 3 yeas is sufficient to age into a premium  aged Tian Jian. 

Similar to other Hei Cha, Tian Jian is known to have many health benefits, such as enhancing immunity, cancer preventive, reducing cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, weight management and aid in digestion etc. 

Tian Jian is also long lasting, can be routinely infused for up to 15 times.