Christmas Tea Gifts

Compose a Christmas Tea gift box

Compose an elegant Christmas Tea Gift Set for the tea lover you know this year using 2 X 50 gms premium loose teas from Valley Green Tea. (The price shown is for the gift box only, product costs additional. )
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Christmas Tea Set

A classic Chinese Tea set would be an exotic Christmas gift for someone who appreciates authentic Chinese Tea Culture. Displayed is a Yixing ZiSha Chinese tea set that includes 1 teapot, 1 tea sever, 8 Kung-Fu tea cups, and a matching tea tray nicely presented. Includes choice of one sachet (25gm) of quality loose leaf Chinese Tea, and comes with a gift bag.
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Christmas Tea Set for 2

An ideal Christmas gift for a tea lover, this Gongfu travel Christmas tea set contains one teapot with an inbuilt strainer, two tea cups and a protective hard case for safe travelling and 25gm sachet of a quality loose leaf Chinese tea of your choice. The set is made from rock mine clay and the tea cups lined with light color ceramic. Choose whether to Christmas gift wrap (free) !
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Christmas Tea Gift Pack - Glass Tea Infuser

This Christmas Tea infuser Gift with tea pack may be just the gift for the tea loving office worker you know. Featuring a 350ml deluxe tea infuser all-in-one: carve shape, heat resistant base, spring controlled valve and integrated glass handle with one premium grade loose Tea sachet.
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Christmas Tea Gift Pack - Ceramic Tea Infuser

This ceramic Christmas Tea infuser Gift with tea pack will make a delightful Christmas Gift. Made of fine China this is a tea mug with a built-in infuser. An Elegant and practical way to brew and consume loose leaf tea, ideal personal item for both office and home use and the Christmas Gift pack includes one premium grade loose Tea sachet.
From:$Au 20.70
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Christmas Gift Card

A Christmas gift card that can be sent directly via email to the name and email address of the recipient once the order is finalised. The credit amount could be used over multiple purchases with a valid period of 24 months.
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

  • Tea Sets – personal with one teapot and one or two tea cups, to large tea sets in traditionally or exotically styling make great gifts

  • Tea Pot and Tea Mix and Match  -  An endless variety of great gift ideas can be achieved by mixing and matching teas with tea pots. tea cups and tea sets
  • Tea Gift Box - compose your own combinations of two loose leaf tea packs (50 gms) in a Christmas decorated gift box

  • Tea Gift Pack - Tea infusers with choice of packs of loose leaf Tea are a great gift for busy tea lovers at home or in the office 

  • Christmas Tea Sampler - Introduce someone to the joys of tea with a suitably decorated loose leaf tea sampler pack

Having too many options and choices themselves can be daunting. We have tried to make this an easier exercise by compiling a few generic Christmas tea gift combinations on this page to simplify choices and save time for some of our customers.

So if this is your situation, please pick and customise your gift from the selection above and we will present with Christmas themed gift ribbons or wrapping to allow presentation as a Christmas gift for free!  We can also send direct to any address you nominate and include a customised Christmas Greeting note as well.

If you come up with other Christmas gift combinations from our extensive product range that make a more appropriate Christmas gift for your circumstances, please advise us  in the order notes section of the checkout page and we can Christmas gift wrap this as well during the months leading up to Christmas.

Christmas Tea Sets

A Chinese tea set gift at Christmas is sure to delight the connoisseur of fine Chinese teas that you may know. We have an extensive range of tea sets suitable for Christmas gifts, some of which are included under this category. 

Christmas Tea Gift Boxes

Self compose a Christmas tea gift box of any two 50 gm size packs of loose leaf teas for the tea lover you know for a gift that will look wonderful under any Christmas tree or in any Christmas stocking or Christmas hamper.

Christmas Gift Pack - Tea infusers plus Loose leaf Tea

A  Christmas gift wrapped Tea infuser with any two 25 gm loose lead tea samples of your choosing makes an ideal Christmas gift for the tea lover who would appreciate the option of brewing fine tea at the office.

Christmas Tea Sampler

Introduce someone you care about to Chinese Teas this Christmas with a Christmas tea sampler pack of loose leaf teas - suitably decorated for Christmas.

Christmas Tea Hamper

We have provided a Christmas Tea Hamper that includes combination of popular Chinese loose leaf teas and teacups that we think makes an elegant gift. If you want to customise this again - let us know. 

Christmas Tea Gift ideas For Her

 These Christmas tea gifts might appeal to the women you know who love fine loose leaf teas.

Christmas Tea Gift Ideas For Him

 These Christmas tea gifts may be an ideal Christmas gift for the tea loving guy you know this Christmas, .

Christmas Stocking and Christmas Hamper Stuffer

Take advantage of our Christmas offers of combination tea sachets (4 of  25 gm  per Christmas Sample pack) from Valley Green Tea that can be distributed across Christmas stockings and Christmas hampers that you are putting together for people you care about. 

Cheap Christmas presents

Ideas for Christmas on a budget can include:

  • Simple tea sachets
  • tea gift cards  - from $20
  • Gong Fu tea cups.

Corporate Christmas Gift Sets - Customised Tea and Tea Sets combinations

We regularly organise customised Corporate Christmas Tea Hampers or other combinations of Corporate Christmas tea gifts for organisations each Christmas season.  Please try and give us a weeks notice and we can plan this with you.  

Merry Christmas to All from Valley Green Tea


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