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tea gift blooming tea ballsValley Green Tea offers a range of elegant tea gifts in packs that included both premium loose leaf teas and authentic elegant tea sets and other tea accessories. Some of the gift packages can be self-selected, others pre-arranged. We have a range of gift ideas ideal for special occasions including birthday gifts, Chinese wedding gifts and Christmas tea gifts.

The gift ideas shown are a small sub set of what we can achieve from our extensive range of teas and tea sets in our on-line tea store. Please contact us with any further ideas from our online tea store and we can customise gift sets to suite your occasion, including and especially Chinese tea gift sets to support your wedding party or your Corporate events.

Self Selectable Tea Gift Box and Gift Packs

This is an option for customers familiar with Chinese tea who want to compose gift packages with their favourite selection of tea. Choose between any two varieties from a wide range of our premium teas (50g or 60g) to fit in a elegantly designed yet authentic gift box. This can be further combined with any of our wide range of our fine Chinese tea pots or tea sets.

Pre-composed tea gift packages:

For those who would appreciate some recommendations, we have a ranges or pre-organised tea gift packs. These packages were composed based on our many years of experiences in the industry, taken into consideration of the popularity and practicality of our products.

So enjoy a premium tea gift should it be for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas or any other special occasions.   

Gift Selection from our online store:

We have a wide range of premium loose leaf Chinese teas: green tea, white tea, yellow tea, Oolong tea, black tea, Pu-erh teajasmine tea and blooming tea balls

We also have a most extensive selection of authentic Chinese tea accessories on offer: Chinese tea sets, Yixing Zisha teapots, Gaiwans, tea infusers, tea canisters and tea trays

Please browser through and make you own selection and combination as you wish. 


We pride on the quality of products we supply. We have been affirmed repeatedly by our customers with statements such as: 'Your tea is of such high quality, and our daily treat to ourselves is a cup of Jasmine Tea."; "A most beautiful design! And brewing tea in this little pot (Zi Sha Teapot Origin) is a real pleasure!" 

More customer encouragements at: customer endorsements. 


tea giftWe pack individual items for safe delivery. With any gift pack purchased, we supply a gift carry bag as shown for the gifts to be presented in. Please see further services offered at: Tea Gift Packaging

Instruction for packaging and messages to be included with the order: 

Please leave an instruction message in the comment section during the online order checkout regarding your packaing requirements and message to be included if the gift pack is shipped to an address which is differement from the billing address. We do our best to accommodate these requirements, including seasonal greeting cards and hand write messages. 


We ship orders of gift packs to addresses which are different from the billing addresses regularly. During your online order checkout, simply fill in the recipient's address as the shipping address for the order and the order will be shipped accordingly.