Chinese tea sets and teaware

Chinese tea sets

Valley Green Tea offers an extensive range of Chinese teapotst, Chinese teapot sets, Chinese tea sets and Chinese tea cups, suiteble for  tea consumption both at home and at the office as well as for tea ceremonies.

Purpose of suitable tea pots and accessories

The main reasons to choice good  tea accessories include:

  • Good tea vessels will bring out the best in any premium loose leaf teas that you brew

  • The convenience of handling teas before, during and after a tea session

  • Effective storage of  quality teas

  • Enhances the tea brewing experience

  • Enhances the pleasure when sharing  tea  with families and friends

  • Tea accessories offered at Valley Green Tea

Valley Green Tea offers a wide range of tea accessories including:

  • Chinese teapot and teapot sets

  • Yixing Zisha teapots

  • Chinese Gai Wan

  • Tea canisters

  • tea cups and infusers

  • tea trays


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