Master Gong Fu tea cup B

This is a master Chinese Gong Fu tea cup made with a premium glazing technique as Jian Zhan - a black/dark glaze first invented during the Song Dynasty. The striking golden brown long line pattern of this cup is against a black background, creating a majestic and dynamic appearance. Capacity: 100ml
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Zisha teapot set Bird Song

This is genuine semi-hand made Yixing Zisha teapot set made of Zisha clay Duan-Ni. The tea set includes a teapot of 240ml and two Gong-Fu tea cups. The tea sets are professionally crafted, but have minor paint smudge of the ink when it was applied on the carve art work as the result of certain working conditions. The tea sets are discounted accordingly.
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Personal tea set Jun Kiln with glass cup

This is a personal tea set, composed by a teapot of Jun Kiln ceramic and a glass tea cup which also serves as the lid of the teapot when necessary. It is a personal set of practicality and authenticity.
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Zisha teacup with cosmetic fault

There are some Zisha tea cups with cosmetic fault, discovered after their importation. They are in full functional order, suitable for daily use. Capacity 25ml
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Gong Fu tea cup lotus blue

This is a ceramic Gong Fu tea cup made in an antique style. The tea cup is in a traditional design with thick wall to retaining the warm temperature of the tea brew. It is decorated by 3D lotus blossom, symbolizing peace and prosperity in Chinese mythology. Capacity 40ml
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Organic Souchong - second grade

This is a second grade organic Souchong produced in the Fu Jian province of China. Due to its harvesting time of the year, this tea is not as aromatic as our premium grade organic Souchong, but still a lovely drinking tea. Packaging sizes: 50gm and 100gm.
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Ge Tan Green tea - Organic

Ge Tan green tea is one of the classic representative of high class Chinese curl shape green teas. It is brew is bright yellowish green in colour with and elegant and aroma and lingering aftertaste. This is an organic authentic Chinese green tea for the enjoyment of green tea lovers.
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Glass tea cup and saucer - 2

This tea cup and saucer set comes in colors, blue, green and clear.
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Glass tea cup and saucer - 1

Colour available: green only.
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Extra large tea canister - Tin

This is an extra-large semi-airtight tea canister made of tin painted in black. It is in an extra large volume, idea for storing teas such as Pu-erh or Hei Cha, should they be in the loose form or broken up from the compressed cakes or bricks. (Please note this canister is on sale because of some paint defect.)
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