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Liu Bao tea loose 1st grade

This is a premium 1st grade loose Liu Bao Tea produced in 2018. It has gone through years natural post-fermentation, yielding a rich Liu Bao's aged/glutinous rice aroma. It's tea brew is rich, bright and deep red in colour, smooth and mellow.
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Liu Bao tea 2020 in basket

This is a classic Liu Bao Tea produced in 2020 presented in a traditional basket in a weight of 500g. This tea is a relatively lighter fermented Liu Bao, thus retaining more Cha Qi, ready to be consumed or stored to age.
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Liu Bao Hei Cha's (六堡茶) birth place is the Wu-Zhou (悟州) area of the Guang-Xi (广西) Province. It is one of the most well known and classic Chinese He-Cha, produced from the medium to large size leaf tea plant species, multiple stages of processing before being compressed and stored away for post-fermentation.

The consumption of the Liu Bao normally starts 2-3 years after their production. Similar to Pu-erh teas, the more a Liu Bao is fermented under the right conditions, the richer the aroma and taste and smoother the texture. Liu Bao has a unique flavour described as the aroma of 'Areca ipot'. It became extremely popular during the Qing Dynasty in the areas of south-east and south-west China, and was taken overseas to south-east Asia countries by the early settlers as a medicinal food to settle conditions caused by different climate and environment. 

Liu Bao benefits

Liu Bao is know as a nourishing tea, know for many natures such as: 

  • gentle on the digestive system, can be consumed with or without food
  • preventing heat stroke and 'draining' addition 'moist' (祛湿) caused by high humidity weather conditions
  • increase the level of alertness and enhance vision
  • aid in degestion
  • other general health benefits of all teas