How does Valley Green Tea ensure the freshness of our green tea?

How does Valley Green Tea ensure the quality of the green tea we supply

Green tea is the category of teas their freshness is crucial. Stale green teas are bitter, rough and non-refreshing. To ensure the absolute freshness of the green teas we supply, we implement the following: 

  • Importing seasonal fresh premium quality green teas directly from the tea farmers
  • Air freight to shorten the period of transportation and avoid the high temperature of the sea cargo crossing the equator (temperature surges to up to 80oC in some cases)
  • Vacuum seal to avoid oxidization during the storage period
  • Refrigeration at the warehouse before shipping

How to assess the quality of a green tea

A premium green tea's quality is reflected in its freshness among many other factors:

  • it should be freshly green, dark green or yellowish green, vivid but not dull  
  • it should be aromatic, in both dry leaves and when it first in contact with hot water
  • texture should be delicate and smooth
  • it should have a very refreshing and pleasant aftertaste

Green tea is a big family

There have been more than 300 green teas recorded in China, produced in different areas, harvested from different species of the tea plants (Camellia sinensis) and most importantly processed with different processing methods. The end products have various appearances with different taste, with fundamentals of above remain.