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Valley Green Tea offers a handmade tea gift box: you can select 2x50gms from a list of the most popular teas (green, Oolong, Jasmine and black tea) and make an idea tea gift for those who love premium loose teas.

For those who would like to try a variety of teas before placing an order, a tea selection pack which includes green tea, white tea, yellow tea, Oolong, jasmine tea and black tea is also available (80gms in total).


Selection Pack

Sales price: $Au 27.00
If you are unsure as to what teas you like and would prefer to sample a mix of 8 of our popular tea types (green, white, yellow, Oolong, jasmine and black), then we have a selection pack.

Gift Pack

Sales price: $Au 3.20
Choose two of any 50 gms packs of tea to make a gift pack. Note: The price shown above is for the gift box packaging only. It is added to the costs for the teas - which varies depending on the items chosen.

Shipping & Refund Information:

We obtain a quote and lead times from the Aus Post site using the total contents of the shopping cart. This is displayed for review  and acceptance during check-out. Typical postage costs (4 items or less) :  $7 - $10 within Australia. Free shipping for orders that have exceeded $80 AUD.

We charge true shipping costs, rather than subsidise postage via higher overall product prices.

As per our refund policy you may return any product ordered within 21 days. We will then refund  or ship replacement product.

Valley Green Tea: a premium Chinese loose leaf tea specialist offering green tea, white tea, yellow tea, Oolong tea, black tea, Pu-erh tea, jasmine tea and many more.