Does drinking tea help to reduce weight?

Question: There is a lot in the media about tea drinking helps to reduce weight. I am sure some are excessively exaggerated. Is there any truth in it and how much do I need to drink to be able to see the effect?

Answers 1: There is enough scientific evidence to suggest teas, from the unfermented green tea to fully fermented black tea are all beneficial for weight control. (This site has many research results: pubmed) The mechanisms are not fully understood. The suggested ones include: reducing appetite for fatty food, increasing metabolism rate and increase energy expenditure. There is weak evidence indicating the fermented teas such as Oolong tea (semi-fermented) and Pu-erh tea (post fermenting tea) are slightly more effective than unfermented green teas when it comes to weight control. I personally would not select the teas based on this principle. I would suggest trying a selection of teas and choice the ones you like most. Teas are to be enjoyed first. If you enjoy drinking your tea(s), 2-5 cups per day is a normal intake and the weight benefits will come with it. Remember tea is a beverage but not medicine.

 Answer 2:  For those who wish to lose more than a few kilograms, we recommend a herbal tea that is designed for the slimming purpose: lotus leaf herbal slimming tea. This is a tea that is made of a few herbs (including Oolong tea) that are used in Chinese traditional medicine to treat obesity. It is a herbal receipt to reduce body fat deposit.