The difference between an aged aroma and Ou-Dui scent

ripened Pu-erh teaPu-erh Ou-Dui

Ou-Dui (渥堆) is the speed fermentation process developed during the mid-70’s in China for the purpose of achieving an ageing short cut of a Pu-erh tea. The process allows a young and newly harvested raw (Sheng) Pu-erh quickly ferment under the controlled humidity and temperature conditions, mediated by the micro-organisms to achieve the state of a speed aged pu-erh in a short period , the ripened Pu-erh: dark tea brew, woody aged aroma, earthy and sweet flavour and smooth texture.

Pu-erh Ou-Dui scents

The negative by-product of this process, the Ou-Dui smell/scents (渥堆味), however becomes one of the challenges between a premium quality and low quality product. The Ou-Dui scents are described as: unpleasant, stuffy, mouldy, sour, off and fishy.

The differences between Ou-Dui scents and aged aroma

These Ou-Dui scents sometimes can be confused with aged aroma, which should be clean, pleasant, woody, mellow, soft and warming. 

We advise new and naive Pu-erh tea consumers to pay special attention to this, try out different samples and products to gain the experiences to appreciate the real qualities of the premium Pu-erh teas