Pu-Wen Yun-Ya Pu-erh

Pu-Wen (普文), a major pu-erh manufacturer in the Yunnan Province

Pu-Wen (普文) is a Pu-erh manufacturer established in 1954 with its own eco plantation of 10,000 acres within the area of Xi-Shuang-Ban-Na (Yunnan Province). Its plantation is all above 1000m sea level, with annual average temperature of 20.2℃ and rain fall of 1625.5mm. Over 90% of the area is covered by vegetation surrounded by native forest, known as ‘the home of arbour teas’ and ‘the kingdom of plants’.

The business has a long term strategy of ‘survival on the back quality, progression on the back of efficiency’. It is a business that combines the traditional tea making art and skills with the modern technologies. It was one of the earliest businesses to have passed the ‘Green Food Product Certificate’ in 2000, and acquired its IS09001 International Quality Management System certificate in 2002.

The Yun-Ya label

It is a common knowledge thyun ya labelat there are weak areas regarding the food regulation in China, tea specially as there are obstacles to standardise the products and regulate the labelling and packaging. To Assure the consumer about the quality and safety standard of their products, Pu-Wen initiated a ‘Yun-Ya’ (云芽) label in 2006. They went through extensive modification of their facilities and process of manufacturing, after 4 months of vigorous grilling and many assessments, it became one of the few businesses to have acquire an A Grade ‘QS’ certificate (Chinese official food ‘Quality System’ certification) in the Yunnan Province.