Pu-erh iron cakes

Pu-erh Iron cakes

pu-erh iron cakePu-erh iron cakes are hard compressed Pu-erh cakes and is a product of 70's. It is a relatively newer product - product of machinery manufacturing instead of the traditional stone compressing.

The concept iron cake is taking some time to be digested and accepted by Pu-erh drinkers, mainly due to the believe that their post-fermentation requires air, space and moisture. It is however now believed there are some advantages of being tightly compressed like iron cakes:

  • the cakes are not affected by their environment as much as the normal cakes due to the lack of space between the leaves;
  • the conversion of the cakes are slower due to the lack of air and moisture, they therefor retain many internal substances and subsequently the aroma better than the looser cake;
  • They are particularly suitable for long term collection, especially in areas where it is hot and humid.