Insect damage of aged Pu-erh tea wrapping

Pu-erh teaCompressed tea/aged tea is a unique class of Chinese teas. Pu-erh is one of them. 

An aged Pu-erh tea is generally considered if a tea is over 10 years old. The damage of the paper wrapping (shown in the image) is not only extremely common, but often seen as a sign of it age. The damage is caused by the paper partially being consumed by paper eating insects, the longer it has been stored the more likely that it has occured. 

The traditional tea farmers believe the aging process is more than just merely 'being put away' for some time. The teas become intergrated with the environment where they are stored, namely the air temperature, moisture, odor of the environment and even the micro-ecological system which includes the paper eating insects. They are considered to be harmless to human health.