Bing Dao Pu-erh tea

Bing-Dao Pu-erhBing-Dao is one of the prime estates for Pu-erh production in the area of Nin-Cang, the Yunnan Province of China. Bing-Dao Pu-erh is sought after on the current market with price increasing steadly for the last a few decades.

The teas produced in this area are highly valued on the market for the following reasons:

  • The tea plants are arbour tea trees. The tea leave are strong, thick, in rich deep green colour, soft and flexible.
  • The tea brew of Bing-Dao is bright golden yellow in colour, thick, silky smooth with minimum or no bitterness or astringency.
  • The aroma of the tea is potent and elegant, simulating orchid fragrance.
  • Bing-Dao Pu-erh has a pleasant, refreshing aftertaste which lingers long after its consumption.
  • In summary Bing Dao Pu-erh is rich, exquisite, complex and dynamic.

Apart from its much loved flavour and nature, Bing Dao Pu-erh tea has all the health benefits of other premium teas: high in anti-oxidants, reducing blood cholesterol leave and blood pressure, cancer preventive, aid in digestion, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing etc.