Why are Pu-erh teas wrapped in Bamboo leaves?

The unique characteristic of Pu-erh - ageing

Unlike all other categories of Chinese teas, Pu-erh tea's quality and value increase with time. This is mainly the result of the plant species used in Pu-erh: arbour tea trees instead of tea bushes and their processing methods. 

A minimum period of 2 years after production is recommended for both raw (Sheng) or ripened (Shou) Pu-erh before their consumption. 

Chinese Pu-erh teaConditions required for the long term storage of Pu-erh teas

To achieve the optimal results of the long term Pu-erh aging, the storage environment needs to meet following conditions: dry, ventilated and absence of light and foreign odours. Bamboo leaves are not only in abundant supply in the local areas (the Yunnan Province), they also offer a natural protection to the Pu-erh teas while meeting all above conditions. These protective effects are not matchable by any man-made materials. 

Bamboo plants have played an irreplaceable role in the civilisation of Chinese history. Pu-erh tea wrapping is just one of many.