What pu-erh tea should I buy? raw or ripened?

The difference between raw and ripened pu-erh tea

pu-erh teaThe difference between raw (生 Sheng) and ripened (熟 Shou) pu-erh tea is that the ripened pu-erh has gone through a speed fermenting process (Wo Dui) and raw pu-erh has not. The health benefits of the two are similar, the main difference is in the taste: the raw pu-erh tea is more refreshing (more like green tea to certain degree) while ripened pu-erh has a smoother texture.


We recommend the tea drinker who prefer a cup of refreshing green tea to purchase raw pu-erh tea, and the ones who enjoy a pot of smooth full body black tea to purchase ripened pu-erh tea.