Ou-Dui scent vs wet storage scent

The different scents of a ripened (Shou) Pu-erh

Ou-Dui (渥堆)scent: a scent left from the speed fermentation of a ripened Pu-erh tea

Wet storage scent: to accommodate the popular interest of highly aged Pu-erh tea in certain areas, such as Hong Kong and Guang-Dong, certain pu-erh vendors use wet or semi-wet storages to further ‘speed cook’ ripened Pu-erh. They then store these Pu-erh in dry storage for a couple of years for the ‘wet storage scent to evaporate, but still left with a strong wet storage scent.

The difference between a Ou-Dui scent and a wet storage scent

Ou-Dui scent is strong when a ripened Pu-erh is first produced, but fade with time. It is typically a dry and burning sensation when consumed, with soil fishy smell.

Wet storage Pu-erh scent on the other hand is typically stuffy and rancid. It may weaken with time, but never completely gone. Some describes it as mushroom smell.