How to know if a Pu-erh tea is for me

Pu erh teaI have a client recently asked me to put a Pu-erh tea 'profile' sample pack together for him as he is trying self-educate. I had to point it out that it is an almost impossible task: the exact same product can display completely different characteristics under different storage conditions after certain period of time; the teas harvested in the same area/hills in the same year, can taste very different if made by different manufacturers, or stored under different conditions (eg Yunnan vs Malaysia), or of different age.

The are many factors can affect the nature of a Pu-erh product at any point of time. The only way for a consumer to find out if it is a tea for him/her is to try it out, by free sample or purchase a small amount if there are sample packs. Once a tea is considered to be value for money one's taste, stock some. You might find a product that was exact the same when produced, but rarely the same after many years stored under various conditions.