White tea preparation and storage guide

Preparation of premium Chinese white teas

Chinese white teas includes: Fuding Silver NeedleFuding White Peon, Fuding Shou Mie and Yunnan white teas

  1. Warm up the tea vessel with freshly boiled water.
  2. Quantity of tea leaves : about 1 tea spoon of the white tea leaves per cup or 1-2 tea spoons per small tea pot. The strength of the tea could be adjusted to personal preference by adjusting the amount of the tea leaves put in, or the tea brewing time. 
  3. Add freshly boiled water of about 80OC & dispose the liquid after about 5 seconds (tea rinsing)
  4. Add hot water of about 80OC again and allow to brew for 1-2 minutes before serving.
  5. Don't use lid on the teapot or cup (to reduce the chance of over steeping the tea).
  6. Repeat infusions: The tea leaves can be used for repeat infusions for up to 4-5 times by just adding hot water to the tea vessel, increase the brewing time for about 30 seconds with each extra infusion.


  • Most of premium Chinese teas are hand handled. We always recommend rinsing the tea leaves for up to 10 seconds before brewing.
  • Recommended tea vessel: a glass tea infuser or a Gaiwan are ideal. Premium white teas are made of tender and young tea leaves. They present a dynamic and elegant 'under water forest' when hot water is added. As transparent glass teapot allows this to be fully appreciated. Alternatively, a Zi Sha teapot is always ideal to bring the best out of the premium Chinese teas.
  • Do not soak tea leaves. Use a small tea vessel wherever it is possible and server frequently. Fresh made and freshly served teas are the best.  

White teas' storage:

  • White Tea should be stored in a cool, dry place that is absent of foreign odours and direct sun light.

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