Preparing loose leaf tea using a Gaiwan

GaiwanDue to its shape and size, Gaiwan can easily be mistakenly assumed to be a tea cup to drink the tea from by consumers who are not familiar Chinese tea culture.

Gaiwan is a tea brewing vessel that is commonly used in the traditional King Fu tea tasting.

Its wide open design allows easy observation of the tea leaves during the tea brewing process, which is a crucial aspect of the tea quality assessment.

The steam produced during the tea brewing which carries a high concentration of the tea aroma condenses on the lid to offer a perfect opportunity for the aroma quality and level to be tested.

Since a Gaiwan has not got a inbuilt infuser like some teapots, a separate infuser and tea sever is often used in company when using a Gaiwan for Kung Fu tea.

Gaiwan can be used for all categories of teas, but ideal for fermented teas made of mature leaves such as Oolong tea, black tea and Pu-erh tea.

Valley Green Tea will release a demonstration video shortly with the instruction on how to use a Gaiwan to brew teas.