Loose tea Preparation

A good cup of tea is dependent on both the tea quality and its preparation.

Poor preparation will reduce appearance and taste and devalue the initial quality of the tea purchased.

Preparation methods differ between teas and tea types. Instructions below are offered as a guide.

With time and experience, you as a tea drinker will derive your own tea preparation technique and preferences in regards tea vessel used, tea type and flavour, tea strength, brewing time.

Zi Sha teapot cleaning and preparation

buy zi sha teapotZi Sha teapots are unique Chinese tea accessory gems and require special care to reach and preserve their potentials.

New teapots:

  1. use highly diluted detergent hot water to clean thoroughly once to wash off any industrial residuals from the manufacturing process
  2. rinse with freshly boiled hot water a few times (both inside and outside)
  3. rinse the teapot with the tea brew of the tea the teapot is intended for a few times. For example, if the teapot is intended to be used for brewing pu-erh tea, collect some tea leaves (eg. broken leaves from the bottom of the tea canister) and brew the tea in the teapot a few times and dispose the tea brew; Alternatively, brew the whole leaf pu-erh tea in a different teapot as you would normally do, at the end of the brewing and serving, tip the leaves with the liquid into the new Zi Sha teapot and add hot water for a few times and dispose the water. This process is intended to replace any unwanted odour or flavour potentially 'stored' in the micro-cavities of the teapot with the intended odour and flavour.

Premium Zi Sha has a unique capacity to 'store' tea flavor particles in their micro-cavities of the unglazed clay. Any unwanted flavours are a contamination. Apart from the initial cleaning using highly diluted detergent hot water which is inevitable, avoid any other flavour contamination, such as using for brewing low quality teas.

Routine clean of already in use teapots:

  1. Use only hot water to flash, avoid detergents;
  2. Tie the lid of a Zi Sha teapot to its handle as shown to avoid the lid falling off and break
  3. One teapot for one tea type only wherever possible to avoid flavour contamination.