Jasmine tea preparation and storage guide

Jasmine Pearl, Jasmine Ball, Jasmine Daisy and Jasmine Blossom Tea


  1. Warm up the tea vessel with freshly boiled water.
  2. Quantity of tea leaves :  4-6 pearls for a mug or 2/3 tea spoon for a small tea pot; one daisy, one ball or one Jasmine blossom tea for a tea pot. (Use a clear glass tea pot for the blossom teas for the visual effect!)
  3. Add freshly boiled water, allow to draw  for at least  2 to 3 minutes then serve
  4. Repeat infusions : The tea leaves can be used again for repeat infusions . ie  for up to 3-4 times by just adding hot water. slightly increase brewing time with each extra infusion.
  • Most of premium Chinese teas are hand handled. We always recommend rinsing the tea leaves for up to 10 seconds before brewing.
  • Recommended tea vessel: glass teapot.
  • store in a cool, dry place that is absent from foreign odour and direct sun light;

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