Choosing the right tea accessory

When brewing a pot of premium loose tea, every step counts including using the right tea accessory for a particular type of tea.

To choice the right tea accessory, a basic knowledge about the tea is required. It then come to personal taste and preference. An experience Chinese tea drinker will know which is the exact teapot for his/her favourite tea and it comes with many years of tea drinking and experimenting.
Some basic principles:

 As you can see tea accessories serve more purposes than just functionalities. By selecting the right tea accessories, your tea consuming experience will be largely enhanced.

It then comes to collection. For example, many tea lovers have a collection of Zi Sha teapots based on the theory that the micro-cavities in the clay actually trap certain tea flavours and therefore use one teapot for one tea type only. This is the exciting part of tea consumption, the depth is unlimited. It is a love, passion, journey and life style. 

Remember, there are not many life time habits on earth that offer not only enjoyment, but health at the same time and tea dinking is one of them.

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