Could brew loose leaf tea be made easy?

tea infuserQuestion: They say loose leaf tea is always better than tea bags, but tea bags are convenient. Could brew loose leaf tea be made easy?

Answer: Convenience is important, especially for busy contemporary working class. They are a couple of ways of making a cup of loose leaf tea with almost the same level of convenience as the tea bags:

  1. For certain teas, for example jasmine pearl tea, it takes only a tea mug to brew the tea. Put the pearls in the mug, add hot water until the 'pearls' open up and the leaves sink to the bottom.  Drink the tea from above and keep adding water to it until the flavor no longer exists.
  2. A tea infuser is ideal for both home and office. It has an upper component where the tea is brewed (equivalent to a tea bag). When the tea is brewed, release the valve and either drink from or serve using the outside glass cup. The advantage of this infuser is, not only it is a teapot and cup all in one, it also allows the control of tea brewing time (to avoid the tea leaves being soaked in the liquid unnecessarily).