Tea Preparation FAQs

Premium tea is a package of quality tea and correct brewing 

Even a top quality tea, if not prepared probably, can quickly turn into an unpleasant bitter brew.

Making a perfect cup is a discovery journey

Making a perfect cup on the other hand is unlike some make it out as: fixed amount of tea leaves, certain water temperature and exact brewing time. Tea brewing can be more like a personal journey. With time, a tea lover will have a sound ideal with regard to what tea accessories to use, what tea he/she would like to drink at what time of the day and what season of the year, the amount of the tea leaves to produce the perfect tea strength and how long to brew for each infusion. This process takes time to experiment and adjust. Once the sweet spot is found however, it will stay and last.

Valley Green Tea offers some answers to certain frequently asked questions here for our customers to serve as guidelines only.

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