Make you own tea set

Buy Chinese tea setOne way of getting an authentic matching tea set is of course to buy one.

Alternative it is also all practical and personal to compose your own. An example as follow:

  1. An authentic YiXing ZiSha Chinese teapot from Valley Green Tea, artistically crafted and designed for brewing premium Chinse teas.
  2. A bamboo tea tray to provide the platform for tea brewing and servicing. It offers both the authentic Chinese Banboo appearance and the practicality of catching any running away or unwanted liquid during tea brewing for later dispose.
  3. 6 X double layer tea cups: ideal size for KungFu tea tasting; transparent so that the tea brew can be easily inspected (major part of tea quality assessment); and the double layer serves both as an insulation to preserve the tea temperature and prevention of finger burning.

This self-composed tea set will serve all you daily tea brewing needs, and yet offering a very authentic decoration to your table.