Organic tea

Organic teas

Tea is enjoying a renaissance with increasing the numbers of people taking up tea drinking, experimenting with different varieties, and exploring its cultural roots by trying different categories including green tea, white tea, Oolong tea and Pu-erh tea.

organic green teaOthers are taking up tea for the their health benefits.

Purists are showing an interest in organically grown traditional teas, merging the concept of being ‘natural, pure and healthy’.

In fact, teas had been organically produced and consumed in China for a couple of thousand years. Only during the last century, due to the increasing demand of agricultural products as a result of the increasing population, limited farm land and limited supply of organic fertilizers, many farmers have turned to synthetic products to increase their productivity.

This section explores the background of organic farming, organic tea manufacturing and the relative merits of organically produced teas pros vs cons.

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