Wu-Yi Mountain and Wu-Yi Oolong tea

Buy Wu Yi Oolong teaThe Wu-Yi mountain area is not only still the heartland of today’s premium Wu-yi Oolong tea production, it has also many local unique specialities that cannot be matched elsewhere. 

Wu Yi Rock tea is a special group of Oolong teas produced only in the Wu-Yi Mountain area. The tea bushes are typically grown on the shallow soil found on top or between the mountain rocks. The combination of the special tea plant species, growing conditions and brewing method produce the Oolong teas with clean, dry roasted but highly fragrant flavours. The locals are able to distinguish the authentic rock teas from the lower ground soil cultivated Oolong teas by picking up ‘muddy’ taste in the brew.

Wu Yi Rock teas are described as having the refreshing aroma of green teas and lingering fragrance of black teas, such as: Da Hong Pao, Rou Gui & Daffodil (Shui Hsien). They are considered as top of the range Oolong teas.  Due to their wild growing nature, they are also generally considered as organic products, with very limited use of pesticides, if these are used at all.