Oolong tea weight loss

Weight - an issue of both image and health

Weight management has become a serious concern for both individuals and healthcare systems as obesity is becoming endemic around the world and imposes many health risks in addition to cosmetic concerns.  Weight management has become an industry in itself and programmes from pre-prepared diet meals to surgical stomach bands offer no ideal answers.

Research into tea consumption and weight

During the last couple of decades, researchers have turned to this ancient beverage Chinese tea for some assistance.  The research began from green tea (reference here), and subsequently extended to the other categories of Chinese teasOolong tea, being a zero calorie beverage packed with natural anti-oxidants, has been reported to have potent weight reducing effects. (http://www.oolongtea.org/e/health/04.html)

These research results have created a media frenzy, and attracted some not so honest merchants and claims.

Oolong tea has been a beverage first for a long history 

Oolong tea is an ancient beverage that has been consumed in China and some other Asian countries for a long time. It is a healthy beverage with weight control effects and many other benefits. We would like to advise tea consumers to follow certain precautions to fully benefit from all it is worth: 

  1. Teas have been enjoyed for a long time, especially in China, before modern science started documenting their health benefits.  For a cuppa to be enjoyable, quality is essential.  Like all other Chinese teas, quality discrepancy is vast within any tea variety.  Try out different ones and discover your own favourites.
  2. Once you have discovered your favourite(s), incorporate regular tea drinking into your life style and all the benefits will come naturally.
  3. Oolong tea is not a magic wand and certainly not a ‘supper fat burner’ as some claim.  Its weight management effects are gradual and are only full appreciated when combined with a healthy life style such as being active and having a healthy diet. 
  4. No milk, sugar or other additives are required.  Premium Oolong teas are luscious on their own and do not need any additional flavour.  In addition, there are reports indicating the protein in milk combines with certain active compounds in teas and can reduce if not fully mask the teas’ weight reducing nature.