Oolong tea history

fujian Oolong teaThere are various theories regarding the origin of the Chinese Oolong teas. It is widely agreed that the Fu-Jian province of Southern China is its birth place with some folk songs and folklore with Oolong tea content dating back to the Qing dynasty.

Today, Fu-Jian is still the predominant heartland of Oolong tea production, producing many big name Oolong teas such as Tie Guan Yin (from the An-Xi area) and Da Hong Pao (from the Wu-Yi mountain area). 

The Wu-Yi mountain area (Wu-Yi Shan) is believed to be one of the places that the first Oolong tea was made.  The Wu-Yi Cha Ge (folk tea songs) passed down by the tea farmers and families are the most original evidence of Oolong tea production in this area.

The Oolong tea family has since been refined and extended. Many areas outside of Fu-Jian have since developed their specialities of Oolong teas such as Taiwan’s high mountain Oolong tea and the Dan Cong produced in the Guang Dong province of southern China.