Oolong tea flavours

Oolong tea is a family of teas

buy Oolong teaLike all other categories of teas, Oolong tea is a family - classified as teas that are semi-fermented, sitting between the un_fermented green teas and fully fermented black teas

Oolong tea flavours

With the skilful, intensive Oolong tea processing, Oolong tea results in a wide range of natural flavours, depending on the tea varieties. Following are some of the classics: 

  • Tie Guan Yin: a light fermented (fermentation 10-20%) and baked dried Oolong. Colour: green as dry leaves with light yellow brew colour. Flavour: floral and refreshing. 
  • Da Hong Pao (Wu-Yi rock tea): fermentation 30-60%, charcoal based dried.Colour: brownish red as dry leaves with bright reddish yellow brew colour. Flavour: fragrant with roasted aroma. 
  • Tiawan Oolong tea
  • Phoenix Single Bush (Feng Huang Dan Cong)

Due to its semi-fermented nature, Oolong tea’s brew has a relatively smoother texture compared to the green and white tea varieties.