Daffodil (Shui Hsien) - Wu Yi Tea

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A classic Wu Yi Oolong tea that is light with a fruity/refreshing aroma and taste. packaging size 50gms.
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Daffodil (Shui Hsien) is one of the oldest traditional Wu Yi Oolong teas. It has all the features of Wu Yi Rock Teas including: dark and rich brownish red color of the dry leaves, roasted flavor and clear deep yellow to reddish tea liquid. The emphasis of Daffodil compared to other Wu Yi teas is that it is lighter and has more flower or fruit like aroma and taste. 

Quality & Package Size: We offer one quality grade and one packaging size (50gms) currently for Daffodil Oolong tea.  

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Sunday, 02 September 2012

Rich taste with traces of honey and a slightly burnt flavour.