Oolong tea

Health benefits of Oolong teas

Oolong tea is a class of Chinese teas that are semi-fermented, sitting between the unfermented green tea and the fully fermented black teas.

Similar to all other teas, Oolong teas are packed with anti-oxidants with many health benefits reported, summarized as follow*:

  1. reducing obesity
  2. controlling diabetes
  3. prevention of cancers
  4. improve and reduce cardio-vascular diseases
  5. protect teeth and bone
  6. function as anti-oxidative and antibacterial agents

*Kwan-Wai Ng ORCID Icon,Zi-Jun Cao ORCID Icon,Hu-Biao Chen,Zhong-Zhen Zhao,Lin Zhu ORCID Icon &Tao Yi. Oolong tea: A critical review of processing methods, chemical composition, health effects, and risk Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, Volume 58, 2018 - Issue 17.
(Pages 2957-2980 | Accepted author version posted online: 05 Jul 2017, Published online: 24 Aug 2017)


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