Covid-19 delays

Domestic orders

Our workshop is currently open and processing the orders, all within 24-48 working hours as the routine service that we have promised. The shipping time however is dealt with by Auspost. we understand there is a significant delay currently due to the excessive volume of online shipping parcels and closure of certain mail centers as the result of the Covid outbreaks. 

Based on the information provided by Auspost, the current shipping/delivery time nation wide is between 2-12 working days.

We do not routinely provide tracking numbers due to the volume of manual work required by Auspost to make the direct link to the orders. We however do provide tracking numbers based on the requests. Please do not hesitate to drop an email if you wish to receive a tracking number for your order once the status of the order is marked as 'shipped'. 

Supplies from overseas

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the international border closure, international freights are fewer and far between. The freight costs have also increased substantially. With our best effort to keep the price down and keep up with the supply, there are times that there are gaps between our products being restocked. 

As we have absorbed most of the shipping cost increase, we also had to increase the prices of certain products at the minimal level to keep the supply going. 

We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience during these difficult periods.