Jasmine Tea

Jasmine pearl green tea: 

"So fragrant and wonderfully delicious. Like sipping a subtle perfume. I love this tea and have found that whenever I make a cup, or a pot, of simple green tea I can't resist adding some.Just magic !" - Alanna

"A lovely tea and excellent value! Much better than anything else I have been able to buy in Australia. Have been spoilt by tea in China, and this one is indistinguishable from my memories of tea there." - Christobel

Snow White Bouquet jasmine green tea:

I've been getting this jasmine tea for some time now; and every time friends come over, this is the first one they ask for out of my large selection of Valley Green Tea. The jasmine is beautiful, and the quality of the tea itself superb. I'm spoiled for other types of jasmine tea, and I always have to make sure I have this in stock when guests come over! Maybe if I stopped drinking it myself all the time, I'd actually have some left for others. *grin* - Pia