Green Tea

Bi Luo Chun Green Tea:

"This is by far my favourite green tea - absolutely amazing stuff. Highly recommended."- Eugene

"Bi Luo Chun has been a favorite tea of mine for a couple of years now. To find a source of organic Bi Lou Chun was very exciting to me. But then to taste the extra fine quality of this Bi Lou Chun was even better. It has a refinement to it, with an exquisite complex aftertaste.This tea has real depth.Thanks for your contribution to the Tea drinking world En Jie" - Richard

Dragon Well Green Tea:

"I had been getting my tea shipped from singapore which can be expensive until I came across this Australian suppier (Valley green tea) The quality is excellent and have no hesitation in recommending to others"  - Alan

"Excellent green tea....we purchased the high grade. Superb taste,great packaging and delivery, stop wasting your money buying poor quality teas from health stores try these and you'll see the difference." - Lloyd

"The grade of Dragon Well tea you have is very good, I would recommend your Dragon Well tea to others. I enjoyed it and will continue to buy from you." - Fon-Vei 

"I purchased the high grade Dragon Well Green Tea and could not be more pleased with it. It has a very light green colour, is very light and refreshing to taste. It looks freshly picked compared to some of the other green teas that I have purchased that almost look like grass twigs. I would recommend it to anyone that likes a good quality green tea." - Maxine 

"A subtle yet very tasty tea. It has a slight sweetness and leaves a pleasant hint of chestnut lingering in your mouth.The extra high grade tea leaves are of very high quality." -  Eugene

 Mao Jian Green Tea:

"I really like this tea! It is emerald green and very clean & I will be ordering more of it in the future. " - David