Kind words


Hi Jie

The tea you've sent us is so great, we are really enjoying it. Packaging is so neat and quality is so high. I really appreciate your effort. Shipping also was pretty fast, received it last Tuesday.

I'd ordered tea a couple of times from other online stores here in Australia and it was pure rubbish, just industrial dust. But yours is exceptional and outstanding. The taste is very similar with the tea I have bought in China.

Thank you very much that holding such a great online shop, I definitely will order from you again and will recommend my friends.

I am from Russia but one year ago we moved to Australia. In Russia we really love Chinese tea, such as oolong and longjing. It is quiet popular to drink tea and we have some good quality tea shops as well. We moved here in Australia and it is really hard to find something worthy.

I wish you all the best with your tea business.

Thank you very much

Kind regards,



I received my order today and I am very happy!

The teapot is very beautiful and of very good quality!

Also the tray, cups and container all very good!

I tried so far the jasmine tea and I have to say, the quality is  superb!

I have been to china every year for the last 6 years now and I have to praise your tea you offer, quality like that is very rare outside china!

I will certainly order more in the future!

谢谢 (Thank you)


Hello En

Thank-you for your email.

Not a worry at all.  We use about one canister of the Jasmine Pearls a month and would ask, please, for you to send off the three available and send off the remaining three once they are in stock.  

Your tea is of such high quality, and our daily treat to ourselves is a cup of Jasmine Tea.

Kind regards,  Jane

Truely PREMIUM grade Jasmine Pearl!

I would recommend people to buy the premium grade. I am a big fan of Jasmine pearl and have tried all sorts of variety from other seller and none is as good as Valley Green premium jasmine pearl. Very very very happy!!!


Expertly crafted!

A most beautiful design! And brewing tea in this little pot (Zi Sha Teapot Origin) is a real pleasure!


Dear Sir/Ms,

Before I go on with my query, I wanted to say that I absolutely love your weight reducing tea. It is pleasant to drink unlike most tea out there and it works. I drnk it as per instruction and with the help of regular exercise and healthy diet, I have lost between 800g to 1.5kg a week!

It also helps with my bowel movement. I have also just received my 2nd order today, thank you for the efficiency in delivery.

The question I have is, on the package it states that it is not suitable for pregnant women or when you're menstruating / having your period. I can understand pregnancy, but why is it unsuitable to take when you're having your menses? Is there a side effect if we take it when we have menses? If you could come back to me with regards to this, I would truly appreciate it. Thank You!