Jasmine tea history

Production of jasmine tea is an industry of its own in China for quite some time.

Jasmine tea’s birthday place is the Fu-Zhou area of the Fujian Province, south-east of China. It is believed the jasmine tea was first merchandised during the Han Dynasty (202BC-220DC).

The famous Chinese empress dowager Cixi (慈僖) is known to be a big fan of jasmine tea and used it to entertain her international visitors or gifting.

It was recorded that the famous merchant ship racing among 5 ships in 1866, from Fu-Zhou to England had shortened the travelling time from 270 days to 100. It made it possible for the premium Chinese teas including the jasmine tea to be transported to Europe while still reasonably fresh, which marked the beginning of the international love affair with this exclusive Chinese 'fragrant tea'. 


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